Ying Dai
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(1983--)Born in Sichuan, China and study painting and calligraphy since 5 years old. Graduated from Sichuan Daqian Art College and Tsinghua University Academy of Art.

Art Experiences

Beijing Poly International Auction Co, Ltd (Manager of Painting & Calligraphy Collection (4/2012-Present)

Hong Kong Zijingshan Cultural & Art Development Co, Ltd (9/2013-Present)

Art Expert of CCTV Special program of Art Appreciation (2013-2014)

Beijing Furan Artwork Investment Co, Ltd (9/2010-3/2012)

Sichuan Emeishan Jinding Cultural & Art Sports Development (Supervisor)
Main Teachers
Guo Qiang, The National first class artist, Vice president of Sichuan Calligraphers Association.
Jin Yunchang, Master Artist of China, Deputy Director of Painting and calligraphy Department of China Palace Museum.
Liu, Xinhui, Art Appreser, Professor of Tsing Hua University,
Wang, Yinhui, Master Artist in painting and Seal Cutting and President of Daqian Art College

Ziran mountain and water painting ponder and the exploration for many years, formed the unique style of painting and small freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese calligraphy painting, the language of art Natural washes practice, abridged, vivid style show elegant, color is rich and changeful, light and thin, clean Ming yan, to realism art gimmick to compose, pay attention to the calligraphy pen and ink interest, especially in her Vellege houses and Lily water paintins apprised by people.

The essence of studying theory and techniques of Chinese painting, the painting genre reference and to the director, as in the past serve the present, oceanuse, to the Chinese nation unique perspective of the concept and the structure of Wuhua lush, lasting the extraordinary as if done by the spirits of creation. Many famous travels sketch in China Okawa, naturally get rid of the conventional techniques and good painting creation, open up a fresh outlook; the situation of Qi, to write the elephant unworldly. The creation of art, subtle abstruse, easy management, and integrate the ink color on the whole layout, the harmony between man and nature. The painting works the heritage of the ancient relic, and pay more attention to the sprit of pen and ink, fully embodies the concept of heaven Tao is hidden and unknown.

Excellent Award by World Peace Award art competition (2002-U.S.A)
Top 10 Young Painters by Hong Kong Celebrities Magezin (Hong Kong-2008)
Golden Award by (2011-China)
Outstanding Artist by Asian Art Foundation (2015-U.S.A)

Ziran Chinese Ink Paintings Show (2006-Sichuan, China)
14th Celebrities Art Exhibition (2013, Abacus Gallery-U.S.A)
Ziran New York Art Show (2015, Trump Tower AAF Gallery)
Shared Vision Exhibition (2015-Baltimore.U.S.A)

Director of Asia Art Foundation
Researcher of World Art Center
Art Adviser of Celebrities Magazine

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