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KEN HO (Xiaoou He/ Keren He) was born in FEB 1959, a professional painter of New York, U.S.A. He Studied from the Fine Art Academy of Zhejiang, China in 1985 Since 7, he began to study deferent paintings from deferent teachers including Chinese traditional painting from his grand father, print painting from his uncles, and professor Li Yitai, and oil painting, calligraphy from other professors. It is why people can find some Chinese element from his oil paintings. His oil paintings have been collected by several Museums , banks and private collectors of the United States and other Countries.
Taiwan Changliu Gallery (Taiwan) September 2014
The First Bank Gallery (New York) May 2014
Queens Library Gallery (New York) FEB 2014
Beijing National Theatre (China) September 2013
Fine Art Academy of China April 2013
Soho Gallery (New York) May 1990
Bronze Prize (China) 1993
Golden Swan Award (New York) 1999
Excellent Award (U.S.A) 2002

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